What is offset printing? characteristics, advantages, disadvantages

Todo lo que debes saber acerca de la impresión offset y tips que te ayudaran a reducir costos de una manera exitosa.

Offset printing is a type of printing that is done with the use of inks on a metallic plate, built by an aluminum alloy, the plate is moistened with ink in the spaces that are covered with a greasy material which rejects water and The rest of the plate gets wet to absorb the water and reject the excess ink, this is how everything that wants to print is passed with pressure to a rubber blanket where the image or photograph of the plate is received to transfer them to the medium that is desired .

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Lithographic and digital printing inks, uses and characteristics

Digital printing inks

Tintas de impresión digital

When we talk about the lithographic printing inks used in it, we must be related to the subject, know how they work and how they are composed, since if I start talking to you about a CMYK printing ink system you will be lost, it is a matter a bit complex about the combination of colors with which new shades are created. If you have a good handle on the subject it will be very useful and can be beneficial for your pocket and economy.

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The prepress process, characteristics and importance

If you’ve worked with a printing company, you may have heard the term “prepress” at some point. Understanding this step in production development is vitally important to owners, purchasing agents, advertisers, designers, and other roles involved in the printing and materials production business.
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5 Labels for notebooks that you must download

Classifying the notebooks with the possibility of putting your name and subject or just giving it that personal touch to differentiate them from the others is what these excellent label designs for downloadable notebooks are looking for. Just click on the button to open the resource in a new window and then download the label to print the one you like and voila! I hope you like it 😉

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11 Types of Fully Customizable School Notebook Labels You Should Use

As always we have to think about the ease when having to classify our children’s notebooks. To make our lives easier for them, better than to have everything well presented and classified with labels to easily identify the notebook of social studies, mathematics, geography, etc. For this reason in ESMAR Supplies we leave you some excellent label resources for school notebooks and books that we find on the internet and we consider from our experience as good resources that you can download and print totally free, we hope they will serve you. Just click the download button to get the PDF file and print it, IT’S THAT EASY.

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3 types of labels for clothes that we offer in our service

At Insumos ESMAR we have been making personalized clothing labels and identification products for families, artisans and small businesses in Medellín. In our company we offer from a basic range of quality labels for clothing, to carefully personalized labels to satisfy the needs of our most select customers.
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Big discounts on large format printing for political campaigns

Filling out the form at the bottom applies for the discount on the printing of political campaigns in Medellín.

When you are ready to go BIG with your political campaign, we are the alternative! We offer a wide range of large format printing services that can adapt to all your needs. With high resolution you need, durable colors and material handling, UV glare protection, and custom finishes, you can count on a professional-quality, large-format piece. We can print large political banners. Continue reading “Big discounts on large format printing for political campaigns”

ESMAR supplies specialized in large format printing medellin


At Insumos ESMAR we offer large format printing solutions to help companies located in the city of Medellín to increase and attract the interest of their clients to obtain results. Whether you’re looking to grab the attention of viewers at trade shows or inform and impress passersby with crisp street-level advertising, our design experts can help you achieve the best results with the goals you seek in realization. of its pieces. Continue reading “ESMAR supplies specialized in large format printing medellin”